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_utma – records the time and date of a person’s first visit to the website; it assigns a random unique identifier on that occasion, making it possible to determine the number of subsequent visits from the same source.

_utmb – records the time at which a visitor enters the website.

_utmc – records the time at which the visitor leaves the site.

_utmz – records the way in which the visitor gained access to the website, in particular what search engine was used and what link was clicked on.

These cookies are used to collect data about how visitors use our site. The data is used to analyse how frequently the same people revisit the site, how the site is found (from advertising or referring websites) and which pages are most frequently viewed. The data includes the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come from and the pages they visited.

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We embed videos from our YouTube channel and other organisations’ YouTube channels. In order to view the YouTube videos across this site you will need to consent to Marketing cookies. You may use this website without receiving any cookies from YouTube by refusing to consent to Marketing cookies.

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