Outreach programme

CHOC is developing an exciting partnership with Parkside Federation Academies in Cambridge as part of its educational outreach programme. This covers three state schools: Parkside, Coleridge and Trumpington.

CHOC will liaise with the music teachers at the schools so as to come up with a hands-on education programme for children of all abilities. Several musicians, including Julian Perkins, will put on at least three educational days in the early part of 2018 before production rehearsals begin. Children will try out ‘old’ instruments and compare them to their modern counterparts, the thorny issue of the castrato will be discussed, and adventurous students can even try out ornamenting an aria. The workshops will culminate in a performance in which professionals perform alongside schoolchildren. CHOC will also invite the schoolchildren to attend the open Dress Rehearsal for Rodelinda, along with their teachers and families. Keen students will also be able to meet some of the musicians and production team, and attend a select number of other rehearsals.

The Harpsichord Lesson by Jan Steen

The Harpsichord Lesson by Jan Steen (Wikimedia Commons)